So What Does “You’re Not My Personal Type” Mean?

Dudes are straightforward when they talk. They don’t really usually act as cryptic or chat “around” a topic. They truly are all business and reason, anytime they’re not sleeping, they might be probably only telling it like it is actually. You should not try to look for lots of subtext between the traces since there probably isn’t any.

If according to him you are not their sort but he’s nonetheless interested, go on it at face value. The guy more than likely is attempting to state that he’s not often drawn to significant, brainy girls, but there is just some thing about you that intrigues him.

If he is simply enthusiastic about gender, the guy most likely don’t point out you are not their kind, as that will work against his video game. He’ll either lay-on the appeal in addition to outdated familiar traces, or he’ll point out that you two should get collectively for a few fun someday.

He will state you’re “hot” instead of suggesting you’re fairly. He’ll eyeball you up-and-down like an ice-cream sundae, and he’ll move in close-in an aggressive in place of tender fashion. You are a lady, therefore make use of explore your bi intuition. You’ll know just what he’s really into, one-way or perhaps the other.