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Our Colored Mulch Products

PalletOne Mulch (a subsidiary company of PalletOne Inc.) provides colored mulch in red, dark brown, or black to meet your every landscaping need. Our wood mulch adds a traditional look to your landscape. View our pallet mulch calculator to determine your mulch needs.

What Colored Mulch is best?

  • Try our bright red mulch for longer-lasting color.
  • Try dark brown mulch, if you want the appearance of hardwood bark without the quick color fade.
  • Our black mulch will accentuate the colors in your landscape.
  • All colors are nontoxic and produced from naturally occurring colors found on the earth’s surface.
colored red mulch

Red Mulch

Our Red Mulch will help you adorn your landscape in vibrant, long-lasting color that exudes elegance. Embrace the added benefits of natural weed deterrents, moisture retention, and optimal plant growth. Experience the enduring allure and advantages of PalletOne’s premium red mulch is a popular choice for playgrounds and gardens that have light and neutral tones.

colored dark brown mulch

Dark Brown Mulch

Our Dark Brown Mulch is produced to uphold our commitment to excellence, this superior mulch infuses your landscape with a warm, natural aesthetic. Revel in its resilient, season-long color, while reaping the rewards of weed suppression and moisture retention. PalletOne’s Dark Brown Mulch is a popular choice for playgrounds and gardens that have warm shades like purple and red. 

Black Colored Mulch

Black Mulch

Our Black Mulch offers a sleek, polished appearance, that effortlessly complements any landscape design. With its unwavering color and exceptional durability, our Black Mulch guarantees a striking presence. Embrace its weed control properties and moisture retention capabilities, ensuring a pristine and well-maintained outdoor space. PalletOne’s Black Mulch is a popular choice for playgrounds and gardens that have a variety of colors, especially vibrant colors.